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Monday, May 11, 2009

Free Willy II - the Belly Up Years

Complete with a soundtrack by Michael Jackson, the family movie, Free Willy was an inspiring tale about a captive killer whale making his way to freedom.

The star of the show was an orca called Keiko, and the movie inspired a $14 million project to set him free. So what happened to Keiko?

‘Keiko’s release to the wild was not successful, since though physically unrestricted and free to leave, he kept returning to his caretakers for food and company...’

Keiko had an unsuccessful migration from Iceland to Norway in 2002, seeking out regular human company, and a year later apparently died of pneumonia at the age of around 26.
Further details here, however, if the comments underneath this youtube clip are to be believed, Keiko finished up on a Norwegian barbecue.


Anonymous said...

OT again MM, just came across this on the Pravda forum.

"Een Australische imker die een collega-imker heeft doodgeschoten om zijn honing te kunnen stelen, is veroordeeld tot een levenslange celstraf."

In short, an Australian bee keeper got life in prison for shooting an other bee keeper dead in order to steal his victims honey.

He got caught when he delivered the honey to the wholesaler in the other bloke's sign written vats.

I didn't hear about this, have you?
Or it's just a tall story in SA, hoping that nobody in OZ reads it?


bruce said...

The story is apparently true Orion, but less odd when you read the details. The murderer was deep in debt, the competitor's honey was worth $40k, enough to get out of the debt. Sounds like he didn't think it through or panicked though. Brutal.

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected Bruce, I must have missed it in the local newspapers.

Clearly, Pravda has its uses?

TW; counmen: current gov. misspelled