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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The lost boys

with John Butler of the John Butler Trio

I was speaking to a veterinarian recently about the change of demographics in his profession. The vast majority of new vets - in Australia at least - are women. In fact, this vet told me that in one veterinary science year at the University of Queensland, there were in fact, no men.

If you dig through this, you will discover that women make up more than 59 per cent of enrolments at Australian universities. In some of Australia's regional universities - where you would expect lots of men studying agricultural related courses - enrolments of women constitute anything up to 70 per cent of students.

Apparently, this trend is far from unique to Australia. This article notes that women make up 57 per cent of enrolments at American universities.

This means that each year, many thousands of young men here and overseas are disenfranchised. A whole new gender-based underclass is gradually being created. And no wonder that many women seem to think there are so few eligible partners - there are in fact fewer and fewer tertiary educated men who can either afford the cocktails or hold up their end of the conversation.

Once upon a time, it's true, men were over-represented in universities. However this was a time when university attendance was not common.

The over-representation of women in universities is something that is slowly but inexorably changing the world. So why - outside of the higher education lift outs - isn't this stuff in the news?


Boy on a bike said...

Because the lucky guys that do get into uni are rooting their socks off in a sea of plenty, and they want it to remain a secret.

thefrollickingmole said...

Because men now have to suffer to make up for stuff that happened before they were born, much like the refugslavery/colonisation stuff.
Pretty simple really.

Margo's Maid said...

You're not wrong BOAB. If a male attends a uni with say, 66 per cent females, it is nearly two girls per guy - and probably more if the gay male population is taken into account.

daddy dave said...

the "no eligible men" thing is not a myth. The problem is that historically men have always been prepared to "marry down" - 50 years ago, a high paid man didn't care if his fiancee didn't have a job.
The opposite is not true. Women now increasingly have careers but when they look for a partner, they're still looking for a successful male. Hence the discrepancy.
There's no way out. It's in our genes. Women are not wired to seek out pretty, nurturing males as partners. It doesn't work that way, never has, and never will (on a society wide large scale at least).

If a society tries to flip the roles, you end up with Sweden.

blogstrop said...

Women. They're such animals. (I'm quite fond of animals!)