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Monday, May 18, 2009

Eurovision's sour note

Norway has won this year's Eurovision Song Contest, but the most interesting part of the contest this year was the political undercurrent between the host, Russia, and its neighbours.

In the wake of 2008's South Ossetia War, Georgia made an ingenious entry that successfully upset the Russians before the Georgians pulled out of the contest earlier this year.

Russia has also been throwing its weight around other nervous neighbours by restricting its gas distribution.

All of which - I strongly suspect - influenced the comments of the Slovenian host who, when broadcasting Slovenia's voting results, called for a minute's silence because "Slovenia had missed out on the finals".

Also notable was the organiser's keenness not to allow the winner to make a speech - possibly concerned he might make a statement about gay rights.

The ShadowLands is not normally a fan of radical protest types, but is willing to give these ones their due, as attending this protest was clearly not for the faint hearted.

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