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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Passing shadows

* This will go down well with the greenies (via SDA)

* Doug Ross is promoting the Somali Coast Cruise package

* Warning NSFW and possibly NSF home (due to dodgy advertisements at the far bottom of some posts): the forum for Barack Obama supporters is a rival of Pravda blog as one of the most bizarre forums I have ever seen. Still not sure if it is for real.

UPDATE: Link fixed.

UPDATE UPDATE: The site has suddenly changed (dirty ads removed), and there are admissions that it was a hoax all along. Hope it wasn't us that caused this (ahem) change - it was hilarious.


Egg said...

Lurv to see Paul Watson try ramming the Ruskis with his Sea Shepherds* (*oh, the irony in the title, FFS) ...

Anonymous said...

Hi MM, found a good video on that site, worth the few minutes.