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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Funny things

If you can put aside for a moment the fact that Zimbabweans have the shortest life expectancy in the world, and that many of these deaths are caused by malnutrition, then this story about green groups stripping shops of genetically modified food for health reasons would be funny. Go on then, have a laugh.

Maybe there is something funny about this too - I just can't think of it right now.

Meanwhile, the Rudd government appears to be taking something of a Zimbabwean approach to Australia's agriculture.


Anonymous said...

Actually HIV/Aids has been a leading cause of reduced life expectancy.

This was then compounded by malnutrition initiated by the political decisions on Mugabe initiated in 1998 when "ex combatants" decided they wanted to hitch a ride on the gravy train.

This triggered massive printing of money to support this deficit and inflation. Paralleled to this was a rise in dissatisfaction with Mugabe by urban poor/youth and a ground swell of support and mobilization in urban areas and commercial farms by the MDC - the first significant opposition party in 18 years.

Coincidentally those self same "ex combatants" were then used to drive out the commercial farmers to remove that arm of reaching rural voters under the guise of "land redistribution".

Ten years later - we see the results - Mugabe still in power and richer than ever. His wife goes grocery shopping in Hong Kong, agriculture almost non-existent and yes - malnutrition and short life expectancy.

When the economy collapses, all other diseases become deadly. Malaria eradication programs cease to exist but perhaps I strayed from the topic.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes - I forgot to mention GM product. I have seen enough bad reports about monopoly behavior of GM seed producers/chemical companies to believe that they are not to be trusted.

Dumping GM product on third world countries .... hmmmm

Zimbabwe once had world leading plant breeding facilities producing a wide variety of locally suitable and appropriate seed.

Dare I mention the huge support one RG Mugabe once enjoyed from the Australian Government.

Ah well at least I can now call Australia home ;-)