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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Shorten auditions: A ShadowLands Exclusive

With Eric Bana already confirmed as the lead in an upcoming movie about the Beaconsfield mine disaster, competition is heating up amongst contenders seeking to play the role of Bill Shorten. Mr Shorten, now a Minister in Australia's Rudd Government, was the face of the union movement during the rescue operation, heroically performing many media interviews.

The ShadowLands is excited to be able to present an exclusive photograph of contenders taken during auditions for the role.


blogstrop said...

Will there be a full-length film and then another one shorten'd for TV?

brucey bob said...

Yes Mr Shorten was a hero. He played a vital role at Beaconsfield. As an MBA, and Young Labor careerist who worked his way brilliantly up through the ranks, he was eminently qualified to advise on the intricacies of the rescue operation to members of the Press who would otherwise have been completely unable to find out for themselves what was happening. That he soon after floated into a Federal seat was just complete coincidence. Solidarity for ever and the Union marches on!