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Friday, May 8, 2009

Is it anti-semitic to be anti-Israel?

with John Butler, (once of the John Butler Trio).

Lefties with not much idea but maybe a twinge of conscience love to ask the question: Is it anti-semitic to be anti-Israel?

Well, since you ask - yes it is.

Israel was set up - at least in part - with the blessing of the United Nations following World War II so that something akin to the holocaust could never happen again.

Not sure what the holocaust was? Sometimes I get the impression that lefties - especially when they start misusing the word "genocide" - don't know anything about it. For fuck's sake - look it up. Visit a former concentration camp. Watch Schindler's List.

If you still don't get why Israel must exist, then I can't help you. I don't like you as a person. I wonder if you were dropped on your head as a baby. I think you are a psychopath. Don't bother reading the rest, fuck off now and read Ant Loewenstein or whatever it is that you do with your time.

There may still be those remaining who will argue: I agree that Israel has a right to exist, just that it should not oppress Palestinians in the process.

There is a simple solution: if the Palestinians leave Israel alone, Israel will leave them alone. Israel would love nothing more than to leave them alone. However, if the Israelis let the Palestinians into their country, they blow themselves up in cafes, nightclubs and buses. If they don't let them in, the Palestinians lob missiles at Israel anyway. If the Israelis try to take out the missile launchers, and - unfortunately, because Hamas uses human shields - kill civilians in the process, it is tragic.

But in the rankings of things that happen around the world, the (largely self-inflicted) deaths of Palestinian civilians in conflicts with Israel don't rank with the massacres that happen in Africa or the human rights abuses in many Arab states, or the evil practices that inevitably occur in totalitarian states.

So, why won't Arabs leave the Israelis alone? Because of anti-semitism - the same reasons that led to the holocaust, the same weird, psychopathic bigotry that has led to the most inhumane treatment of Jewish people over many centuries. Sorry, peaceniks - but you simply cannot be anti-Israel, without a corresponding breathtaking disregard for the welfare of Jewish people.

Why do lefties care so much about Israel, rather than places where real human rights abuses occur, such as Burma or Saudi Arabia? Why do lefties profess to care about the Palestinian homeland but not, say, a Kurdish homeland? Why do they seem to support Arab states that are getting ever closer to obtaining nuclear weapons and that would not hesitate to use them against Israel? Why do some people believe Israel should not protect itself from attacks on its citizens?

There is only one answer to all of these questions, my friend, and it's anti-semitism.

In practice, "being anti-Israel" potentially means being complicit in another holocaust. In turn, this means you are an anti-semite.

I hope this clears things up.


daddy dave said...

spot on, John Butler of the John Butler Trio.

blogstrop said...

MM you can tell us - entre nous, croix mon coeur - John doesn't write that much himself, does he?
WV: ofabler - a spin doctor for Obie One.

stackja1945 said...

Lefties love victims. Once they loved the holocaust victims. Now they love the Pals

Margo's Maid said...

Just a little editing here and there, strop.