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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

ShadowLands does the job for Australia

Far be it for us to blow our own trumpet, but we're guessing the delay of the introduction of Australia's Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme occurred because of The ShadowLands' submission to the Senate Select Committee on Climate Change.

Chalk that one up as another success to our Public Policy Unit.

Unfortunately, a couple of typos have been introduced since we made the submission, but here is the crucial document.


Penny W. and Peter G. said...

Hello minions, we wanted to pass on a quick thank you to Shadowlands for showing us the light. Your fearless dedication to speaking up for the truth has led us to revisit our old, flawed policies and to rethink the entire ETS initiative. Never again will we be blinded by ideology and science contaminated by politics. instead, we now look at the climate change debate (and yes, it is a debate) with fresh eyes.
We will lead Australia not into some half-baked plan to save the planet (how naive that sounds in hindsight) but with a practical eye to prosperity and solving local problems.
We want to hear more from people like Margos Maid of the Shadowlands.

Margo's Maid said...

Cripes - thanks Penny and Peter - we try to make a difference.

Boy on a bike said...

Now that you have healed the planet, can you do something about Woin and the deficit?

WV - "coacta"

Sounds awfully close to something a chicken has.

blogstrop said...

Next: Policy formulation for the Opposition.

Egg said...

Nice to see big Peter firmly backing up Penny ...