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Friday, May 15, 2009

Filling in the blanks

Jack Marx appears to be on an extended blogging break, but one of his most interesting blog posts was this one, where readers could leave censored tips of scandalous gossip. Australian readers should be able to figure out most of them by following the clues and counting asterisks.

One of the tips should be of particular interest to those who have been following the Matthew Johns saga. This rumour - and as far as we know it is only a rumour - involves people from another football code in another town:
I heard that the reason **-**** ****** disappeared from our tv screens all those years ago was that she had a gang-bang with ***** *******, *** ****** and other members of the ***** Show. The resulting “depression” was supposed to really be severe embarrassment.


infidel tiger said...

Completely true MM.

During her hiatus from TV she became involved with a friend of mines 16y.o neighbour. The young lad was tickled pink until she became obsessed with him.

She's got more issues than Time Magazine the poor thing.

I've heard a stunning rumour regarding a well known tourism spruiker and two high profile cricketers - an absolute doozy if true.

blogstrop said...

We males have a fairly mechanistic view of sex, and can reduce it to mere physical stimulation followed by muscle spasms in medico/engineering terms. You can, in contemplative moments, range from there to transcendent spiritual or God-given life-force affirming communion in your view of the same.
Women can be seen as being all about relationships and as barely coping with the repeated demands for sex from their beloved husbands (as described recently by Bettina Isnt), through to the “town bike” model whereon everyone gets a ride. Both have real world examples, but the former most certainly outnumber the latter by a very large factor. The nymphomaniac is out there but dwells in fantasy more often than in reality.
The nympho fantasy also plays on male insecurities, namely that he cannot completely satisfy his woman, and that she needs more shots than he has in the locker in order to be sent into the arms of Morpheus. For the average young man in the suburbs, the urban gang-bang legends resonate. Even for the classical Roman scholar, the story of Messalina resonates. Those stories are not binding on everyday men and women, who will usually find satisfaction and repeated pleasure in each other, and will bond strongly.
Each time a story emerges about footballers or rock & roll musicians doing this stuff, it is a replay of these urban legends. Who knows whether it was a girl looking for more than the usual complement of stimulation or just another unfortunate one duped and abused.
I’m far from immune to the attraction of women, and there are countless attractive women in the world. But I know that giving them my dick is giving them nothing of value compared to friendship, and that giving my wife my fidelity is giving her something of great value, as I value hers.
Different societies approach the sex issue in their own ways. European sailors were delighted with the freedom they found in Polynesia as they explored the South Pacific and other nether regions. As I was growing up I thought, as a crass, oversexed sixteen-year-old, wouldn’t it be great if there were 40 year old women who could take me under their wing and teach me. (Now I’m somewhat older, 40-something women remain very attractive). The point I’m struggling to make is that our society has still not completely come to terms with our animal drives. I don’t think that our society has coped well with the demands of the sexual revolution, or made huge progress by introducing unlimited opening hours for pubs and by sexualizing younger and younger models. Some societies have coped by being totalitarian, polygamous dominators and short-marriage-fraudsters. There must be a better way.
In the meantime, so-called role models will continue to have feet of clay, and common sense to match.

Graeme said...

I'm a big fan of rumours. Any chance of a clue as to who was involved, as I'm no smart enough to work it out for myself!!

Margo's Maid said...

You could be forgiven for forgetting the name of this television personality Graeme, but the best clue I can give is that the first name is hyphenated.

ntk said...
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Margo's Maid said...

Crikey, NTK - Jennifer Keyte? I can't publish that. Our subject was prominent on popular television in the late 90s before disappearing from our television screens.