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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Question They Won't Ask: Week XV

Each week The ShadowLands submits a question to ABC television's interactive Q and A television program with the hope that they will refuse to publish it on their website. This week:

Question for Bob Ellis

Matthew Johns was recently sacked from Channel 9 for playing park the car in the garage with some young lass. As a person who is also renowned for burying the baby leg on away games, is it fair that you continue to live off the taxpayers’ coin?
UPDATE: Not published!

Other notable questions to the panel: "Still waiting For a super supream it was ordered 45 min ago love adam" and "How do you calculate the surface area of a Toblerone?"


Boy on a bike said...

Penny Wong:

Given that you are too chicken to face the estimates committee next week to explain your disastrous ETS and have booked a stand-in for that event, shouldn't you have done the same tonight? You could borrow a rubber chicken from the Footscray football club.

Margo's Maid said...

Excellent question BOAB. Too many good candidates for questions they won't ask this week.

Mehaul said...

You're hilarious. Just thinking about Ellis considering a difficult question results in the image of his sad head falling forward and the host having to lift it up as he licks his food stained tie and shirt front.

Nutrient deficiency would play a role in anything he does with his mouth. Mind the mike.

Princess frosty said...

Wow, brave attempt!
Would you expect a coherent answer from the maudlin burblings of Ellis, or did you just want to watch him get lockbrain as he attempted to construct a logical answer?