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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Competition for NRL Good Guy heats up

Congratulations to rugby league player and all round role model, Greg Inglis named NRL Good Guy of the Month for July. Mr Inglis has since been charged with assaulting his girlfriend.

Ironically, last year Mr Inglis was nominated along with fellow indigenous rugby league playing role model, Greg Bird for a Deadly Award. Mr Bird has since been convicted of glassing his girlfriend.

Mr Inglis is well respected for his outstanding rugby league skills. He also featured prominently in promotions for the game this year after advertisements featuring non-indigenous role model Brett Stewart had to be taken off air when he was charged with sexual assault.

Judges for August's NRL Good Guy of the Month say on this occasion they will be on the lookout for a player who is not charged with assault - which narrows the field down to someone like Nate Myles.


kae said...

Oh, but, but, but... they aren't role models.
Golly, no. They don't put themselves out there as role models, ohmygoodnessgraciousmeeee, no!
They are just football players.
They don't have to live up to any social standards...



Spillane said...

Bashing League is fine just now..but in the not too distant future, it will become me too. Even the MSM may tire of it.

WHAT?? Another steaming number two in public. NO! A Rugby League player??

He did what to her face. NO!! A Rugby League player. I don't believe it.

How many did they rape? What? The whole team of Rugby League players. NO!!

Wille Mason did what? In public? Where?? No.

The Broncos, sex, toilet, rape, drugs, what?? NO. I don't believe it.

It's a great suburban sport and should never have been put in the limelight to provide significant monies for all those dunderheads.

George said...

Seriously I have no idea what to expect next. It has been a crazy year.