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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thread contaminated

One chap posting at this Muslim forum under the name Platypuspieau1 (and it's not us) is cruising for a bruising with his radical ideas:
the Flaming Jihadis of Glenroy will probably turn out to be just like the Flaming Jihadis of West Preston led by Abdul Nasser Benbrika - petty criminals & dole bludgers nursing a sense of deep grievance aganst the nation that gave them & their families refuge when they fled the crapholes they came from. that's gratitude for you. most refugees & immigrants to australia are grateful for the opportunity their adopted country gives them. they work hard, get on, & become happy & productive members of society while retaining their religion & culture. losers turn to extremism because nothing is ever their own fault, & it's easier to destroy than to build
Asked to explain his definition of extremism, he replies, "extremists think destruction is better than construction" at which point Fatima has clearly had enough:
^ I don't understand what people like you do on a muslim forum. Please stop contaminating this thread with your nonsense.
UPDATE Platypuspieau1 continues: "wherever deluded individuals think blasting people to bits will get them into heaven, i'll be arguing against it until i get banned"

and Fatima responds:

You see, your entire perspective is an emotional/pseudo-logical one. If the Creator reveals to humanity that dying for His sake gives you paradise you accept it. There is no sane person who denies what the Creator reveals.

The muslim thinkers are amongst the smartest of humanity simply because they realize they are failures compared to the Creator in every way. So they surrender themselves to Him, and adopt whatever He says. That is the reality of life.

Islamic reasoning is undeniable, as you would have to either disprove the Creator or the Qur'an, to defeat the concept that dying for the sake of the Creator in battle does not grant you paradise.

Keep in mind that in Islam (generally) we do not kill the innocent or civilians.


blogstrop said...

Seven's Sunrise had a panel this morning which included an Islamic spokeman. He started out ok, but ended up saying that we as a society had to do more to make the disaffected feel good.
No responsibility on the part of newcomers to adjust, assimilate, get educated, learn skills, and become productive citizens of a cohesive society.
Andrew Bolt asks an interesting question: how come the ones who came here as "refugees" feel safe enough to go back to Somalia, for whatever purpose?

Mehaul said...

It always concerns me when I read something as stupid as that Islamist rant defending the Koran...coming out of the mouth of an Australian citizen.

blogstrop said...

" ... we do not kill the inocent or civilians."
A man with an AK-47 is a mujahadeen until he's taken out, then he becomes a killed "civilian" for propaganda purposes. This is why the Geneva Conventions apply only to soldiers in uniform.

kae said...

innocent in islam is much different to innocent in English

innocent in islam means muslim

that's what so many apologists don't seem to get the gist of, they're speaking an entirely different nuance of English to what we're hearing