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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Passing shadows

* It's Obama monopoly.

* The story of the mysterious unexplained high tides (thanks minicapt). Not only are the tides mysterious, they are also notable as being the first unusual natural phenomena ever not to be blamed on global warming - at least, not yet.

* Ten of the manliest names.

* How to annoy your fellow aeroplane passengers:
a) start up your laptop and b) connect to this site.


Boy on a bike said...

Mysterious high tides? Have you never watched a Godzilla movie? It's time to move inland, or at least put of visiting Tokyo for a while.

wv - "strayna". What I strain my pasta in.

Boy on a bike said...

I should have said that I "drayne" mys pasta in a "strayna".

Infidel Tiger said...

I've always considered Margo's to be a very manly name.