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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Show us the figures

Frollicking Mole over at Tizonas has an excellent post on big price rises for green energy in Western Australia.

What caught our eye is this quote from a Green MP who is apparently unfamiliar with the concept of supply and demand:
“I would be very interested to see the data which Synergy has that suggests the cost of energy generated by sun or wind has increased,” he said.
Likewise, we would also be most interested to see the real costs of energy production. Thissy here gives an overview of the costs of electricity including this:
"In Australia, the (government) subsidy for renewable energies is...roughly equal to the generating cost from coal or about half the retail price of electricity."
In other words, whether we want to or not, the rest of us are paying for the power that these greentards require for their lava lamps and electric incense burners.

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