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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

PJ the quote machine

When PJ O'Rourke appeared on ABC television's panel program Q and A last year you could sense that every time he spoke, people from all sides of the political spectrum were leaning forward to hear what he had to say. The man is a quote machine.

From this interview:
I live in New Hampshire. We’re in favor of global warming. Eleven hundred more feet of sea-level rises? I’ve got beachfront property. You tell us up there, “By the end of the century, New York City could be underwater,” and we say, “Your point is?”

On Government ownership of General Motors:
I think it’s a really, really bad idea. It’s one of these situations where Dad burns dinner, so you say, “Oh, I know. Let’s have the dog cook!”

On Prius drivers:
They’re bad drivers because they’re idiots. And we know they’re idiots because they bought a Prius.

On climate alarmists:
Most of the people who have grabbed hold of climate change and greenhouse gases, pollution, oil dependency—they have another motive, and their motive is to attain the appearance of virtue without having actually done anything virtuous. Or if they’re in politics, the whole point of politics is to achieve prestige and power without merit. These are just nice opinions to have. They’re utterly meaningless. It’s just a way for people to be pious jerks...Their motives are not necessarily good just because they say they are being good. It’s peace, love, and understanding. To which I can just say, “Shut up.”
On philosophy:
I’ve decided that my motto in life is “Get off my lawn.” It’s the right answer to everything.

(link via BOAB who got it from Jules.)

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