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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Seaweed found in sea

Western Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert recently hired herself a carbon-spewing aeroplane to go find out for herself the terrible truth about the West Atlas oil spill out in the Timor Sea.

Senator Siewert was shocked to discover that the oil spill - said by untrustworthy government types to be 100 kilometres out to sea, and now about 12 kilometres in length - was actually only 20 kilometres from the coast, and rapidly heading towards the baby quokkas on the pristine WA coastline. The media was duly notified and sent photographs.

Anyways, the latest report from people who know about such things is that she was actually looking at seaweed, not an oil-spill. The response from the Greens?:
The Federal Government should stop trying to downplay the potential impact of the oil spill off the Kimberley coast and start taking action, the Australian Greens said today.


blogstrop said...

Siewert gushed while the sea wee'd.
Another lesson in why you shouldn't leave important ecological questions to parliamentary chicken-littles.

Boy on a bike said...

You can tell her how smart she is at her tip site:

Egg said...

Suffers from an excess of 'weed in her yoof?