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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Things Irf doesn't know: Part CXXIV

Following the latest arrests of alleged terrorists in Melbourne, all-round doofus, Irfan Yusuf has been desperately trying to find the high moral ground. He attempts this by quoting from an Andrew Bolt blog post:
Only someone with bin Ladin's mentality, jaundice and ignorance could pen words like this:

"The rise of yet another Islamist terror group suggests there is something in Muslim or Arabic culture peculiarly susceptible to the call to violence ... While false, there is yet a grain of truth in the maxim that while not every Muslim is a terrorist, every terrorist is a Muslim."

I always thought Arabic was the name of a language, not a culture. And what on earth is "Muslim" culture? Do Muslims all share a single culture that is distinct from every other culture? What are the features of this culture? Where do I find it? On which planet? In which galaxy?
Not sure what Arabic culture is Irf? Wikipedia to the rescue:
Arab culture is an inclusive term that draws together the common themes and overtones found in the Arabic-speaking cultures, especially those of the Middle-Eastern countries. This region's distinct religion, art, and food are some of the fundamental features that define Arab culture.
And what is Muslim culture? This seems a bit disingenuous, since only a few years ago you were banging on about Judaeo-Christian culture. But anyways, Wiki answers to the rescue:
A muslim culture is a culture based on the teachings of Islam.
In fact, there are any number of websites that can help Irf answer his questions.

Now Irfan has had an opinion piece published in the Canberra Times where he once again goes to town on Bolt's quote about Arabic/Muslim culture:
I'm not suggesting Bolt shouldn't be allowed to question the involvement of any belief, religion or ideology in terrorism or violence. But to suggest that certain groups are more culturally susceptible to violence is just plain stupid.
Or is there perhaps - (leaving aside for one moment 9/11, the Bali bombings, blasts in Morocco in 2003, a suicide attack in Riyadh, the 2004 Madrid train explosions, Beslan's child hostage slaughter, an attack on Nigerian Christians, attacks on Indian Hindus in 2005 , the suicide bombings in London, the suicide attack on a Karachi wedding, the bombing of Mumbai trains, an attack on a Chad village in 2007, an attempted attack on Glasgow airport, and the Mumbai attacks) - evidence that some followers of Islam think there is something in the teachings of the Koran that justifies violence? Yes there is, as discussed in this Muslim forum:
You see, your entire perspective is an emotional/pseudo-logical one. If the Creator reveals to humanity that dying for His sake gives you paradise you accept it. There is no sane person who denies what the Creator reveals...

Islamic reasoning is undeniable, as you would have to either disprove the Creator or the Qur'an, to defeat the concept that dying for the sake of the Creator in battle does not grant you paradise.

But how is Yusuf expected to know about discussions like these on Muslim forums like this? The thing is, he does know... all too well. He just chooses not to talk about them.


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Verse of the sword?

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