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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sign our petition to make GetUp! come clean

The secretive Australian political organisation, GetUp! has started one of its tiresome petitions to end political donations. In typical fashion, it claimed to have already received 95 per cent of its target 25,000 signatories before it even landed in our inbox. In this way it is able to claim, "Tens of thousands of people have already signed the petition..."

In response, the ShadowLands is asking readers to sign a petition to make GetUp identify its major donors who contribute (as far as we can tell) more than $1 million each year to the organisation.

You'll find the petition here.

Footnote for those requiring some background:

GetUp! is a lobby group that, judging by its actions, is a front for the left wing of the Australian Labor Party, however its spokespeople constantly insist that they are not affiliated to any party.

A former spokesman of GetUp!, Lachlan Harris now works for the Australian Prime Minister, who has gone so far as to co-opt some their slogans such as "Closing the Gap", used ad nauseum by Kevin Rudd on indigenous affairs.

The ShadowLands receives emails from the organisation to sign petitions for various causes which apparently receive astonishing levels of support before the requests even arrive in our email. We think these petitions are dodgy.

Even more suspect is the source of donations for GetUp! - since signing up is free. Despite having annual reports, the organisation offers no information about the identities of their biggest donors.

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