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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New disaster may be worse than Chernobyl

A very detailed study of the Chernobyl nuclear accident by the United Nations body UNSCEAR found that only 57 deaths were directly attributable to the 1986 disaster, while the jury was still out on the long term effects. Ever since this time, nuclear power plants continue to have a phenomenal safety record compared to other forms of power generation.

In the meantime, eight people are confirmed dead and 54 missing in a Russian hydro-electric accident which, if the worst eventuates, has the potential to have a higher mortality than Chernobyl.

Meanwhile, deaths related to wind farms continue to climb steadily while kids in China are paying the price for solar power. This is not to mention the not-compiled but by no means insignificant death toll arising from people falling from their roof while attending to solar panels.

More on the subject here.

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