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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Question They Won't Ask

Each week the ShadowLands submits a question to ABC television's interactive Q and A program with the aim of having it rejected on the grounds of poor taste. This week:
Question for Maxine:

For some time, I have been providing "favours" to a hideous union official with a view to becoming fully accredited to gain pre-selection for a safe Labor seat.

However, the official claims I will be ineligible unless I kiss him during the act. Is this part of the relevant Labor by-laws, or do you think he is just making this up?

UPDATE: Huzzah! Not published.


Pedro the Ignorant said...


I can hear the gnashing of (expensively tended) teeth at the ABC from here.

Pretentious poseurs.

Infidel Tiger said...

That may be the funniest thing I have read this year! Brilliant MM!

Egg said...

Max McOoohhhh!?

blogstrop said...

Too close to the boner?

(OMG! WV = commo. No further comment necessary.)

Boy on a bike said...

Shouldn't you have prefaced that with:

"I am an employee of the ABC, and for some time blah blah blah"?