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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Floods, drought good after all

The Clarence River, like many of the rivers on the north coast of New South Wales, is a huge mofo of a river that runs a short distance into the sea. Despite rapidly growing populations in this part of the world, save for a few dams on tributaries, not much of the water in them is used by local populations for anything practical.

Meanwhile, our enviro-friends are warning that Australia can expect more frequent floods in areas like these, combined with more severe droughts and other catastrophes in inland Australia.

Only in May, the town of Grafton suffered from a severe flood. It makes perfect sense then - even for greenies - that we could solve two problems by harvesting these problematic flood waters when they arrive? Erm, apparently, no.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the diversion of water.

Their excuse is always cost, but it will happen sometime anyway, and by then the cost will escalate.

I wonder how come they, the gov. has money for just about everything else, but this.

Clarence River resident said...

"not much of the water in them is used by local populations for anything practical" - you're kidding right?
The Clarence River catchment freshwater flow supports multi-million dollar commerical prawn and seafoood fishing industries, a multi-million dollar tourism industry, a working harbour used by the timber industry, as well as providing some irrigation for local farmers and has environmental/habitiat values for migratory shore/wading bird species that Australia has signed internationals treaties to protect.
And that is just for starters!