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Friday, July 18, 2008

Australia still hottest, driest

While I await a response to my letter, Kevin Rudd is not backing away from his claim that Australia is the hottest and driest continent as outlined in this, his latest interview.

Kevin sets it up beautifully with the statement:

"I think the challenge here, Mike, is to, as Prime Minister, is to face the scientific facts, face the economic facts, which confront us,"

and then

"This is already the world’s hottest and driest continent. We are therefore likely to be hit hardest and earliest by climate change. "

UPDATE: Claim repeated on the ABC, about two thirds of the way down here.

UPDATE II: Climate Minister Penny Wong is not so sure:

"As one of the hottest and driest continents on earth, Australia's economy and environment will be one of the hardest and fastest hit by climate change if we don't act now."


daddy dave said...

neither of those statements by Rudd are supported by "the" science.

daddy dave said...

on a bright note, it looks like you have forced them into a corner, and they are trying to weasel out of it with this new phraseology: "one of the hottest and driest" instead of "the hottest and driest."

Intrepid reporting by Margos Maid has caused an embarrassing backflip by Team Rudd.

Great work. Keep it up.

daddy dave said...

Perhaps I should have left that second comment under a different name, to make it look like we have a vibrant community here.

Margo's Maid said...

Good thinking DD - I might try that in future.

Still not sure when the word might get through to the Ruddster, though.

Margaret's servant.