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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Greenwash Day

27 July will be National Tree Day in Australia.

Australia already has about 1.5 million square kilometres of forest and woodland, equal to an area about the size of Mongolia, or larger than the entire Northern Territory

National Tree Day is a ruse by the Toyota Corporation to seek to gain enough greenie points to get large government grants to make resource guzzling Priuses and to continue churning out SUVs. It's pretty similar to this initiative involving GM Holden planting trees in the Murray Darling Basin.

All of which makes this study kind of interesting reading.

1 comment:

daddy dave said...

clearly you are unaware that if people stop planting trees, the world will become one huge treeless desert. Trees can't grow without help from humans.

Tree planting is not a meaningless gesture that has no impact on the world at all. it's about saving the planet from treelessness.