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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Malawi and Lithuania

July 6 is the national days of both Malawi and Lithuania.

Although on the surface they may appear to have little in common, Malawians and Lithuanians both share a penchant for having their lives cut short, though Lithuanians enjoy having more choice in the matter.

You might as well remain standing while you listen to both anthems.

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Col. Milquetoast said...

After World War 2, which killed 13% of Lithuanians, thousands of Lithuanians (another 10% or so of the population) were helpfully, if involuntarily, transported to the USSR to enjoy the Socialist Paradise. A few thousand more were killed resisting the Soviets in Lithuania.

But with Germany pacified, the USSR gone, and Russia held at bay by Lithuania's NATO membership what is one to do? Sometimes, if you want something done you have to do it yourself.

From the link : The IASP says this is largely because of the availability of guns. ...Some countries, like the United States, were resisting attempts to reduce the number in circulation, he said.

Well, derr. As if someone wouldn't choose another method if a gun wasn't available like hanging (#2 suicide method in the US) or poison gas (the stinky new suicide fad in gunless Japan)

Despite the waffles, Belgium has the highest suicide rate in Western Europe (almost twice as high as the US & Australia which the BBC did graph). I notice they didn't suggest taking away Belgian's belts and shoelaces as hanging is their number one suicide method. I guess no one cares about the Belgians (still).