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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Murray visitor warns of climate change

REUTERS: A delegation of dignitaries to the lower Murray Darling region say there is an urgent need to do something to combat climate change.

A spokesman for the delegation said that some parts of the Darling River that they visited were so salty, the water was undrinkable for horses, and parts of the lower Murray were blocked.

"The rivers fall rapidly from the mountains in which they originate into a level and extremely depressed country," spokesman, Mr Charles Sturt said.

"Having weak and inconsiderable sources, and being almost wholly unaided by tributories of any kind, they naturally fail before they reach the coast and exhaust themselves in marshes or lakes; or reach it so weakened as to be unable to preserve clear or navigable mouths, or to remove the sand banks that the tides throw up before them."


daddy dave said...

a very astute observation.
I don't want to be knee-jerk skeptical about every environment problem around, but have to admit a certain skepticism about the river system problem.
I mean... what will happen? what exactly are we worried about here? that inland Australia will become dry and arid?
Seriously, if someone could clarify the genuine risks it would help immensely.

Marcus said...

But, but, but
Think of the children Dave!

Margo's Maid said...

I can confirm that, on this rare occasion, Reuters have all their facts right in this item, including Mr Sturt's quotation.

daddy dave said...

thanks for that margo's. The only solution is for australia to be terra-formed.