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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Barrier reef faces new threat: Greenpeace

The Great Barrier Reef is facing an imminent threat from a 72 metre vessel which is currently threading its way through the treacherous shoals of this highly endangered environment, flanked by flotillas of carbon-spewing boats.

Alarmingly, the multinational organisation in charge of the vessel has a history of causing environmental damage to sensitive reefs. The boat which is larger than Greg Norman's yacht, powered by a BHP Sulzer V12 diesel motor and features a hull strong enough to smash through ice, is unlikely to be stopped by any of the fragile old-growth coral polyps that it may encounter.


Boy on a bike said...

"Around 90 vessels greeted the Greenpeace ship, Esperanza, as it sailed into Airlie Beach"

Sailed? I don't see no stinkin' sails. "Motored" would be more correct. "Carbon-spewed" even more so.

Anonymous said...