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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

MM's editorial: celebrity names

Since they have a lot of time on their hands, many celebrities like to give their children unusual names. Sometimes, because they are junkies who have no intention of caring for them for a long period of time, they give them pet names like Peaches or Tiger. Similarly, you can bet that many boys called Harley have fathers who would have preferred a motor bike.

Not so Nicole Kidman who has given her child a name reminiscent of domesticity and normality - Sunday Rose Kidman Urban.

Those of you of a certain age may remember that in 1990, Kidman's best friend appeared in an advertisement in which she gave up a date with Tom Cruise for a roast lamb. Mmmmh - Sunday Rose = Sunday Roast.

Is Nicole sub-consciously saying she would rather have a Sunday roast than Tom Cruise? My guess is that she has also slotted in her family name because she is not really expecting the last name to be of much use over the long haul...

For keen amateur psycho-analysts, more celebrity baby names here.


Anonymous said...

What about Wednesday? I like Wednesday Margo.

i hate nicole and keith Urbane...1.68

daddy dave said...

no prizes for guessing what day of the week that kid was concieved.

Anonymous said...

What about nickeith-sunday lamb roast? that's a neyece name?

Col. Milquetoast said...

Sunday Rose. Roses are red. What else is red? Blood. Bloody Sunday : an obvious reference to Irish Nationalism.

Another, not necessarily contradictory, possibility : the kid's initials SRKU stands for Secure Remote Kontrol Unit. Is that a VRWC project?

Wednesday and Tuesday aren't bad names. But Thursday... maybe only if they are having seven kids.

Col. Milquetoast said...

Gaia (Emma Thompson) Clever way to cash in on the Gaia worship
Kal-el (Nicholas Cage) Superman's Kryptonian name. Nerdy cool but the poor kid is going to waste hours of his life explaining his name is not "Cal L."
Dashiell (Alice Cooper) Ask yourself, what would Detective Paco have done?
Jermajesty (Jermaine Jackson) hilarious.
Tabooger (Dan Cortese) I doubt anyone would convict 'booger if he committed patricide.
Coco (Courtney Cox Arquette+ David Arquette) and to think most parents don't give their kids a stripper name
Zola (Eddie Murphy) - J'accuse Eddie of being a fan of Emile.
Zowie (David Bowie) rhymes with Bowie?
I. P. Freely (David Carradine) If that was supposed to be a stripper name he did it wrong.

Anonymous said...

toto as in dog

Minicapt said...

Hubert Blaine Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff; or the Biblical name Epaphroditus meaning "lovely, handsome,charming."


babygirl said...

I will call my daughter Monday. that way if i will meet Nicole some day we will have something in common, stupid children names...