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Friday, July 18, 2008

Wet enough for you?

Kevin Rudd says that he must be first to act on climate change because Australia is the hottest continent (we're actually third out of seven) and the driest (we're actually second, after Antarctica).

But what happened to our old friend - per capita?

The heat of a continent per capita is nonsensical - but water resources per capita is much less so. So looky here.

UPDATE: It's official: Australia/Oceania has the most actual renewable water resources per capita of any region on Earth - however, Australia by itself comes a respectable second after South America.


kae said...

So why aren't those silly bastards catching all that water in DAMS?

daddy dave said...

yeah, I have the same question. how come we have so many water restrictions, droughts, rivers "in crisis", and so on?

and what are those funny-looking "dam" things for, anyway?