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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Alternative realities

Tim Flannery has come out with some predictable tosh in the SMH about climate change being responsible for the bushfires.

Our team here at the ShadowLands always prick up our ears whenever an environmentalist says that something is the biggest or baddest in the world to boost their argument, because they are always, always, always, wrong. That's why this sentence got our attention:
Victoria has the most polluting coal power plant on Earth...
Oh really? Assuming that when Flannery refers to "pollution" he is referring to carbon emissions, this site reveals that the top carbon emitting power station in Victoria, actually ranks fourth in Australia.

A very cursory glance at the statistics reveals there are larger carbon emitting power stations in China, Russia, India, Germany, South Africa, Israel, South Korea, Japan and the United States than the largest Australian emitter.

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