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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Predictions 'R Us

After reporting that the founder of a Muslim television station in the US had been charged with beheading his wife, on Sunday the ShadowLands predicted:

Rather than denouncing violence against women in their community, defenders of the Religion of Peace will try to claim the moral high ground by collecting various bad taste jokes etc in blog comments and, as always, seek protection in victim-hood. That's how you defend the indefensible. Betcha we can find evidence of this over the next few days...
And sure enough...


blogstrop said...

It's not over until the irfan hits the shit, the fatman skats the riff, and some lady is singed.

Anonymous said...

yeah. I wouldn't like to be some bridle covered broad hiding in a cupboard while her 14 year old brother was seeking her out with a sugar cane knife because she took the top off the milk bottle .... the wrong way. With her mouth.

That's shameful. And she should know it.

Thank God for Islam. Protecting us from girls who suck the lids from milk bottles. Mehaul.