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Friday, February 6, 2009

Touring South Africa

I contacted the South African Tourism Board about visiting their beautiful country, but said I was concerned about becoming a victim of crime. Frankly, I don't think their response was sufficiently re-assuring.


Anonymous said...

Margos..I lived there for 5 years when it was relatively safe and then returned several times in the late 90s when it was far less safe.

If you travel in a group or with a local guide you should be fine. Don't go downtown, anywhere by yourself or do things that expose you to danger. Pretty much common sense. It is a wonderful country to tour. There are all the conventional things to do. But the one trip which was special was Johannesburg to Luderitz and return via the Kalahari Gemsbok Game Park. The Fish River Canyon and the small town of Ais Ais were worthwhile. Anyway. Safe travel. Mehaul.

blogstrop said...

Don't do it, MM!