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Friday, February 20, 2009

Circle the wagons

After a bunch of web-stalkers were appointed to the mainstream Crikey website, Internet Tough Guys around Australia are taking their positions. Some are buying popcorn, while others still (specifically, some dude called Scott) are just lying in a fetal position and wetting themselves.

Chief Blairite Culture Warrior is JF Beck. I would describe it all for you, but there are links here and here. What am I, your mother?


blogstrop said...

Larvatus Prodeo? As they say in the yellow pages: how in heck did you find them?

Egg said...

So, Jeremeh! now writes for Crikeh!

Jeebus ...

Anonymous said...

Pretty useless "stalkers" if all they do is write about columnist's published columns.

Where's the juicy actual stalking stuff?