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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gillard's masculinity unquestioned

It is just as well Australia already has a dickhead for a Prime Minister, or else it would be of much greater concern to know that Julia Gillard is only a heartbeat away from The Lodge. Bolta is far too well-mannered to bring us to this question.

By the way, can we expect Gillard to be questioned like this?

UPDATE: After Senator Bill Heffanan referred to Julia Gillard as "barren" this was the ALP's response:

Today, Mr Rudd said the change in attitude marked Mr Howard poorly.

"I think the challenge lies with Mr Howard to do the right thing here," Mr Rudd said on ABC Radio.

"Mr Howard has the habit, in the past, of when these comments are made by various people on his frontbench or his backbench, just to say: 'Well, that's them, they've got their right to express their point of view, don't let it come crashing across my shores'

"I noticed yesterday, when he was first put this proposition about Bill Heffernan, there wasn't much action then. It was only when people across the country reacted.

"I actually see this as much more of a referendum on Mr Howard's character and how he handles these sorts of questions."


infidel tiger said...

I agree with Julian, that big tough, redheaded bloke from the ALP. Macho would have been a better choice than mincing.

Anonymous said...

My brother and I were discussing our collection of macadamia nut crackers and we came to the conclusion that Gillard's arse should be moulded, patented and made public just before Christmas. Minus the smirk. Mehaul.