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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The rise of the anti-Bono's

Dambisa Boyo is a one woman quote machine, and a believer that foreign aid is causing poverty in Africa.

On the subject of advice from celebrities she says:

“Most Brits would be irritated if Michael Jackson started offering advice on how to resolve the credit crisis. Americans would be put out if Amy Winehouse went to tell them how to end the housing crisis. I don’t see why Africans shouldn’t be perturbed for the same reasons.”
Ms Boyo is one of a growing number of Africans who seem to think that if something is not working you need to try something different.

(via SDA)


bikeonaboy said...

What would those ignorant darkies know? We know what is best for them, and they should just sit down, shut up and bask in our celebrity.

kc said...

Personally, I think the woman may be a genius. Forever unrecognised for her brilliance, which really is a pity.