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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nerd Wars Update

As the ShadowLands reported previously, Australia's nerdoscenti are out in force, following the appointment of web-stalkers to the commercial website, Crikey.

As far as we can tell, the chronology of events runs something like this:

* People with apparently not much to say on behalf of themselves and not-so-latent envy issues decide to stalk the highly popular websites of News Ltd conservatives, Blair and Bolt.

* During this time, they fail to ever really find anything on the blogs that would get Blair or Bolt into trouble, but manage to work their own commenters into a lather, for example, saying:

"Tim Blair fucks his puppeh because Andrew Bolt won’t suck him off."

and of Bolt:


* At some point, the stalkers attract the admiration of, quite possibly because Blair (in particular) and the Crikey editor have never really gotten on all that well.

* The stalkers set up a blog at Crikey, and since, in their experience, there isn't much to pin on Blair or Bolt, they ask commenters to show them examples of vile abuse in Blair/Bolt comment threads.

* As apparently their traffic isn't what they were hoping to get, the stalkers get all upset that Blair and Bolt won't send them their many thousands of readers.

* In steps JF Beck who, recognising a hot kitchen when he enters it, responds in a manner familiar to anyone who has read the stalkers' comment boards.

* One of the stalkers suddenly doesn't like the heat and, bizarrely, emails Tim Blair seeking - what exactly - sympathy? Not so surprisingly, Blair suggests this is a bit rich given the comments made about him on their blogs. Blair via JF Beck makes public the email conversation.

* Suffering from an acute case of panty-bunchitis, the stalker and his friends (some of whom took part in the thread in question) all pile in to Bolt's forum, saying that Blair was never called a dog fucker in their forum. They all want to know where the link is.

* A number of commenters provide the link, including one of the stalkers.

* A stalker apologises to Blair privately, but at time of writing, had not done so publicly on any of his blogs.

* The result so far:

The web-stalkers and their mates - at the urging of the stalkers - are all visiting Blair and Bolt a great deal. The winner (as usual): Rupert Murdoch.

Decisions to make: Eric Beecher, publisher of Crikey needs to decide whether he wants credibility or his new blog - cos he can't have both.


blogstrop said...

Where did you stumble across this "crikey" blog, MM?

fuller-shite said...

MM, another winged monkey.

Margo's Maid said...

Good question, blogstrop, I've only heard tell about it.

Col. Milquetoast said...

A third way would be to keep the blog but have the contributors only post pictures of their cats - there might be less panty twisting and vitriol.

Anonymous said...

Ya gotta laugh at the whole exercise...what would be good, a live debate can you imagine AB and TB in one corner and the PP people in the other?The only rules swearing and no storming out!I'd pay to see that.

bikeonaboy said...

Dress code for the debate:

No funny haircuts.
No more than nine facial piercings.
No t-shirts; all participants must dress like adults rather than children
No shouting slogans as debating points
No berets
To be held somewhere only accessible by car - preferably in a western suburbs leagues club

Anonymous said...

And thanks to people like Blair and Bolt ( and other winged monkeys ) PP are getting more known day after day.
Blair ( with his side kick, Bolt ) are even resorting to posting private e-mails now on their blogs for their hate filled sheep to take in.
Read their blogs, with your blinkers off. Especially the racist posts from the flock that Blair and Bolt just happen to make slip through.

Margo's Maid said...

Oh crikey.

Col. Milquetoast said...

Wait, margos is a half-monkey, half-bird, half-sheep hybrid or a winged monkey who is filled up from eating sheep?

Anon, do you really want everyone to refer to them as the PP guys? I'd suggest spelling it out.

I still say the cat blog is a good idea (if they can manage that no swearing and no storming out rule). Even Timbo could guest post his cat photography (sort of) and then that example might even inspire Israelis and Palestinians to start a cat blog together and then there could be peace on Earth.

blogstrop said...

More known day after day ...
Yeah, but for what? If only they's use their knownness for good.
(there, MM: double figures!)

Anonymous said...

Well summed up MM. I love this limp wristed anonymous who throws a dud grenade and runs. Gutless wimp. Mehaul.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't "stalkers" spend more time on B&B's personal lives and not exclusively write about their published columns and posts?