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Friday, February 6, 2009

'til we return

The ShadowLands will be on hiatus this weekend, which is the nice way of saying we won't be posting for a few days and you'se can all go bugger off for all we care. But here are some things to do while we are away:

* Make your own telephone songs

* Listen to old Jews telling jokes (this rocks! but rarely SFW)

* Update your to don't list

* Mommas say the darndest things

* Make a font with your own handwriting

* This sucks, don't tell me you weren't warned. So does this. Trust me, just don't go there.

* If you're not familiar with the Cadbury gorilla advertisement by way of being American or something then you should be. Read up on how they did it.

* More of a fable about life than a game really. Actually, not bad.

* It's a jumping shark.

* Okay, I've posted these before, but these are my current favourite time-wasters.

* New week, different bus.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you have one merit point in my book.

The jewish jokes are a gem.