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Monday, February 23, 2009

You can't beat bad advice

with John Butler of the John Butler Trio...

If Peter Costello ever had any doubts about whether he should continue to wait before putting himself forward as Australia's Opposition Leader, they should have dissolved completely.

It seems that every loser, fucktard and adequacy-delusioned reverse oracle in the country has lined up this weekend to say that Costello should be going for the job and that he must do it right away.

If there is one thing even more reliable than good advice from someone you trust, it is that advice from these window-licking synapse-damaged bandicoot-molesters is always wrong.

The Liberal Party will not win the next election, and there is no point Costello taking the leadership at this stage. His chance will come, probably immediately after Turnbull's not-really any-kind-of-alternative policies fail badly at the next election.

At this time, Costello will all but be carried in to the position on a palanquin, and be in with a great chance to take over at the next election when the electorate should be well and truly tired of the substance-free, people's forum convening, debt-encrusted incumbents.

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Love your turn of phrase.