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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It would be funny except it's not: Part three

From the 2008 Victorian bushfire inquiry:

"Mr Gentle: You are restricted with the size of the fire (for backburning) you can light; you are restricted on the days that you can light. All these things restrict you to the best time you can burn off on your property but because the local government regulations say you cannot do it on that day you lose that window of opportunity.

Living in an area like Healesville, where I do, whether from dumb luck or whatever, we have not experienced a fire...since...about 1963. God help us if we ever do because it will make Ash Wednesday look like a picnic. Many people are not prepared for a fire. Housing is just not prepared for a fire.

The other big thing is that there is no clearance of big trees around homes, and again that comes back to local government putting rules and regulations in place."

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