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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tonight's episode of...

ABC television's Q and A features former Miss Australia, Sabrina Houssami. Her profile states:

She successfully weathered some very sensational press reports around the time she first decided to enter beauty contests. While headlines screamed “Muslim girl defies Muftis”, Sabrina had in fact entered the contests with the full support of her local community.
So let's check out the full community support including this:

yes this is shameful and disgutsing,,,,,, it is always bad wen a muslimah enters a beaty contest in which she wants to show her awrah to the public in order to be judged,,,,,,,,,, astghafirullah, may allah guide her..........


infidel tiger said...

Good to see Sabrina Houssami on tonight's episode shattering stereotypes. It's not just blondes with big tits who are thick as pig shit.

Col. Milquetoast said...



Awrah is my word for the day. From wiki : In front of a mahram (close male relative), a woman's awrah is what is between navel and knees and this is not definite among all opinions

So toplessness is approved as long as I can convince her of our common evolutionary ancestor and that I am more closely related to her than to a monkey or a starfish.

Awrah in front of unrelated men (either Muslim or non-Muslim) is also a matter of dispute. There is a difference of opinion between Muslims whether the face and hands of a woman are required to be covered. The issue of Niqab has continued to arouse debates both past and present, concerning whether it is mandatory or just an act favored by Allah.[5] Salafi Muslims believe that a woman's awrah in front of unrelated men is her entire body including her face and hands.

And all of the woman is awrah; her body, her voice, and it is not permissible for her to uncover that unless out of necessity...

"Hey baby, I like looking at your awrah!" and then before she slaps me I'll point out that I mean her pretty eyes or her beautiful smile or, well, anything.

Margo's Maid said...

Thanks for the research colonel.