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Friday, February 20, 2009

And in other news...

This here is possibly the most disturbing and significant news story of the year. Standby for a report from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation any day now.

Meanwhile Obama is allowing Sharia law into Pakistan, and Reuters, Paris is helping Iran out with this amazing whitewash of a report.

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blogstrop said...

The ABC will talk about this just as soon as they find a saleable grievance large enough to justify Iran's planned nuclear armageddon.
Focus groups have so far not warmed to the imam-in-the-well story.
Re-casting the USA and the Shah as the twin Big Unfriendly Giants has little traction, due to use-by date, although some still remember back as far as Mossadeq.
Others recalled that Saddam machine-gunned his way to power without it reflecting badly in Iraqi polls. They were evicted from the big brother house.