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Friday, July 31, 2009

Permit to save the world refused

Amongst many very dodgy predictions for 2009, the ShadowLands predicted this:
* Some solutions for carbon emissions to be put forward, but dismissed by environmentalists who kind of like this whole moral crisis thing;

Along these lines comes this news:
[A] German carbon capture plan has ended with CO2 being pumped directly into the atmosphere, following local opposition at it being stored underground.


blogstrop said...

I guess we'll have to do with carbon what nature does - just keep movin' it around.

Boy on a bike said...

Been writing to the SMH again, have we?

"‘‘Kevin Rudd once cleaned loos at a sawmill’’ (, July 31)? I think you mean that in specific respect of a typical young adult’s programmatic occupational diversification and development trajectory, the future prime minister designate temporarily accepted a staff position within a personal sanitation facility maintenance team located at a world’s best practice forestry establishment for the elaborate conversion of carefully selected mature adult specimens chosen from a wide range of recognised native or exotic arboreal species."