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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Who told the Japs? The conclusion

Someone in Canberra was leaking Australia's military secrets to the enemy during WWII. In Part III of this series, ShadowLands contributor stackja1945 concluded that the truth may never be known. However, following the war, secrets continued to be leaked to the Reds. Many thanks to stackja...

In 1952, Time Magazine reported that:

"Last November Australia's Communist newspaper The Tribune had a scoop: the details of a draft treaty of friendship, commerce and navigation between the U.S. and Australia. The treaty, which has been in the works for five years, contained no vital secrets, but the affair was nevertheless alarming: it suggested that a high government official with access to the classified treaty had given the information to the Reds. (Although Casey denied the connection, members' questions pointed to a former top official...under Casey's Laborite predecessor, Herbert V. Evatt."

One senior official named in the Time Magazine article (see the link) was described by Radio National radio presenter, Phillip Adams as follows:

"(He) was probably the most controversial and visionary public servant of the 20th Century. Branded a pink eminence of the Labor Party by conservative critics, he was clearly one of the most important intellectuals and policy-makers associated with the Curtin Labor Government of the 1940's. As a close associate of 'Doc' Evatt and head of the department of External Affairs (now Foreign Affairs) he did more to shape Australian foreign policy towards Asia and the Pacific than any other person before or since."


Margo's Maid said...

stackja - Many thanks for this contribution to the ShadowLands. With the participants in this saga growing old, it would be nice to think that a journalist might decide to follow it up...

stackja1945 said...

I think for a journalist that would go against the leftist agenda.