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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feminism inspired

In light of revelations that an Iraqi woman arranged the rapes of 80 women so that they would be convinced to become suicide bombers, it is timely to review some of the literature on this subject.

Writing in the New York Times, this doctoral student noted that female suicide bombers were motivated by:

* Creating or maintaining sovereignty for their ethnic group
* A deep loyalty to their communities
* Personal grievances against enemy forces.

Recruitment tactics, she wrote, included "feminist appeals for equal participation."

and then there's this:

"Suicide bombings are controversial and I imagine that it is hard for the Western media to put any positive 'spin' on the issue."
Quite. But not hard for you, apparently:

"...women suicide bombers have actually inspired feminist activism in varous parts of the Muslim world including Egypt, Palestine and Saudi Arabia. For instance, protests were held in all three countries praising women suicide bombers..."


Anonymous said...

I wonder who marked her doctoral thesis. Such clever sounding theory, so wide of the mark, would have her targetting a big fat government sinecure. One that require the all knowing nodding tut tut.

Anonymous said... that requires.... Mehaul.