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Monday, May 4, 2009

Add nine to Kevin's Drowning Generation

Tim Blair alerts The ShadowLands to nine drowning deaths off Malaysia - strongly suspected, but not yet confirmed, to have been on their way to Australia. Tim appears to be the only Australian journalist reporting this story so far.

Nine people are already thought to be part of Kevin's Drowning Generation - an extra nine people brings the total to 18 deaths. It could be that other bodies have not yet been recovered.

Deaths resulting from Kevin Rudd's lax border security policies now almost certainly exceed the number of deaths of Australian soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

Why isn't this front page news?

REMINDER: This is what we wrote to the Prime Minister in December 2008 and this is what we wrote here last month:
If Kevin's People Smuggling Assistance Scheme continues, we can expect there will be more deaths by the end of the year.
UPDATE: Andrew Bolt is also onto it.

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What's the point of watching Border Patrol when there's no real borders anymore? 1 6n 1 8e