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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kevin blogs!

None other than Kevin Rudd has joined the blogging game, and his first subject of choice - oh joy of joys - is climate change.

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Boy on a bike said...

Bollocks squared.

kae said...

Many of the comments are hysterically funny.

OK. Maybe not. But check this by Adrian at 5:10pm on 16/7/09

We need a complete transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, the quicker the better. It is our reliance on coal in particular which tells the rest of the world that we are not genuine in our attempts to reduce carbon emissions.

The government needs to separate the CPRS from the solar credit and Renewable Energy Target legislation immediately to ensure that the Liberal Party does not have an excuse to knock them back at least. The solar industry in particular is now going into meltdown - no rebates (canceled almost a month before the original nominated date) and no guarantee of the solar credit legislation being passed. Some are already laying off employees.

I would also welcome a real commitment from the government by the provision of strong incentives for all forms of renewable energy and low emission technology. This should include: a national gross feed-in tariff for all low emission and renewable energy technology. Specifically, fuel cells, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, geothermal should all be covered by a gross feed-in tariff (preferably at 60c per kWh or greater) and without an upper limit on the amount of energy covered by the scheme. Some of the larger projects will also require an initial government up front grant to provide business with pricing which is competitive with the coal fired power grid.

My wish list also includes the government leading by example by actually purchasing low emission technology to run their own facilities i.e. hospitals should be powered by large fuel cells (2-5MW in size); government buildings should have their roofs covered by solar panels; trains and buses should be using hydrogen fuel cells.

kae said...

Run. Hospitals. Using. Renewable. Energy.

G'bye, Granny.
G'bye, dialysis patients.
G'bye, paralysis patients.
G'bye, coma patients.

It'll certainly reduce their carbon footprint.

Hydrogen fuel cells? Doesn't that cost a bomb and take HEAPS of power to produce?

Just askin'.

blogstrop said...

Even just the sound of it is rampant infelicity.
Saying it will tarnish you, regardless of ethnicity,

I wuz bloggin’ for some geezers who agree on AGW
Gave ‘em lots of tripe about “that carbon cap won’t trouble you”,
Then some troll asks how we’ll get ‘nuff base load electricity,
I sez “supercalifragi-programmatic-specificity”.
(Um-diddle-diddle-diddle-um-diddle-i, etc)

Margo's Maid said...

Outstanding work, strop!

ntk said...

LOL! That was hilarious, blogstrop!