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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Passing shadows

* National Art Hate Week seems like a good idea to us, except that it appears to be just another puerile art movement.

* Garage door art (warning: awesome).

* A dog performs jazz (warning: stupid).

* Veiled from head to foot, Saudi Arabia's Miss Moral Beauty has been crowned - at least, as far as we can tell (thanks minicapt).

* The Arctic appears to lack holes, but Russian scientists are refusing to rule out the possibility that UFOs are using them to emerge from inside the Earth.


Anonymous said...

What's the matter with you?

I read the whole article about holes in the Arctic and nowhere did any scientist Russian or otherwise mention, the possibility of UFOs using such holes.

As it is they actually caution about believing in this rubbish.

Do you have something against Russians?

There is heaps of things to ridicule them for, no need to invent non existing ones.

Minicapt said...

"Recently, a reliable edition reported that UFOs coming to this planet start not from space but burst out from huge holes under the surface in the North Pole."
The rest of the article is an attempt to cover this up. Why else would Russia be devoting resources to take possession of the Arctic Basin? And why is 'anonymous' abetting them?


Anonymous said...

"Why else would Russia be devoting resources to take possession of the Arctic Basin"

Because there is plenty of oil and gas, under the sea there.

Good enough for you?

PS, besides there is no assertion of UFOs and holes under the North Pole!
Read the stuff first!

Anonymous said...


And what is this, a cabal of old TB bloggers?

No matter how silly and wrong MM turns out to be, someone jumps to the defense.

crazy man!

Margo's Maid said...

Erm, okay, anon.

Col. Milquetoast said...

Anon, we understand. "They" are trying to keep it from you. Those Pellucidarians are sneaky bastards.

Miss Moral Beauty's prizes included a pearl necklace (a euphemism?), a diamond necklace, and enough cash to buy a plane ticket to a place where she can wear a necklace outside and not covered by a black sack.