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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Straw man burnt

Who knew that beating the Taliban in Afghanistan was going to be easy? Not former PM, John Howard, who warned in 2001 that it would be complex, dangerous and would take a long time.

Not even the (usually) fact-challenged doofus Kevin Rudd has ever suggested it would be anything other than a long term project.

However, the ABC's Matt Brown is convinced it is a simple mission, though google seems to suggest he is the first person ever to come to that conclusion.


blogstrop said...

The ABC is leading the "is Afghanistan worth the candle?" charge at present. If all the nations currently fighting there withdrew the ABC could flip-flop back to sad stories about the Taliban shooting burkha-clad women, or stoning them.

Boy on a bike said...

I have this response to the ABC and their "simple" premise:

"Making television looks remarkably simple. I press a button on my remote control, and images start to flicker across my screen, accompanied by sound. Why does the ABC need all those big buildings and divisions of people to do that? It's simple, innit? Why can't we just get rid of say 90% of them - the rest should be able to perform such a simple task".

I can hear coffee being spat at monitors all over Ultimo at the thought of that.