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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lives getting shorter

The ABC is reporting on the filling of Lake Eyre as a once in a lifetime experience.

I guess this only applies if you live a brutally short existence, as 60 Minutes also reported on this once in a generation experience in 2000.

In fact, that great arbiter of internet stuff, erm, wikipedia, doesn't even mention 2000, but notes that this once in a lifetime phenomenon has also occurred in 1950, 1955, 1974-1976, 1984 and 1989, meaning that anyone born since WWII could have seen it happen at least six times. In fact, Lake Eyre generally fills more often than we get federal Labor governments.

So for whom is the filling of Lake Eyre a once in a lifetime experience? Bindi Irwin perhaps? Sadly, she was born in 1998, meaning that she could have experienced it twice...


blogstrop said...

File it with the sea ice that disappears ... then reapppears ... every bloody year! Then there's the Cartaret islands that are being flooded due to global warming and sea level rises ... but for the fact that they are actually sinking, and most of the world has not noticed any rise.
Don't forget the hottest day on record ... oh, wait, but for those ones in the nineteenth century. And the inexorable rises (from the 70s until about nine years ago anyway) in temperature around busy, paved city locations, but not matched by satellite data for the earth as a whole, despite increasing CO2 levels. It's tough arguing the AGW thing, but in the end it's dogma, and the propagandists can win that if they are allowed to.

bruce said...

Everyone's trying the 'let's see if the punters were born yesterday' scam and getting away with it.

Attention spans seem to be getting shorter, median public intelligence lower, judged by the declining overall quality of reportage and analysis the past 30-40 years I've been following it.