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Monday, July 20, 2009

ShadowLands wins again!

In January, The ShadowLands made a submission to Australia's Productivity Commission about the ludicrous rules that prevent the importation of books into Australia.

It turns out that the Commission has found our logic irresistible. WE WON!

1 comment:

Boy on a bike said...

The underlying presumption to this whole nonsense is that Australians can read. Just as real men don't eat quiche, only nancy boy girly men buy books. Most Australian literature is only good for lighting BBQ's, and even then, they are a poor option compared to kero.

If the teacher's unions have their way, this will be a moot point in 20 years time. Only those over 60 will still be capable of reading, but they will be too busy working to pay the taxes required to pay down our government debt.

WV = shade.

How appropriate.