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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Passing shadows

* What it's like in the homeopathic emergency room (this rocks).

* Six blood-thirsty national anthems

* Careful how you die in Malaysia or you may end up in the newspaper.


Anonymous said...

You really are an ignorant dickhead, at least as far as Hungary and its history is concerned.

No problem with taking the piss but at least have some facts right you moron!


Margo's Maid said...

erm, okay then.

bruce said...

Hasn't been your week, MM, and now it's Gloomy Sunday. Oh well.

I was close to a group of young Hungarians in Sydney in the 1980s. Before the Wall fell, they had all gotten out. Almost all were charming wonderful friendly people, which is why I hung out with them.

Col. Milquetoast said...

Michael would probably get upset if I suggested this were a monument to all the dead Pac Mans of the world, so I won't mention it.

Cracked wrote "There is no evidence that Hungary ever kicked any serious ass" All things considered, they did pretty well in 1956. They showed they would stand up and fight for liberty and also that Hungarian chicks look fetching with guns.

Anonymous said...

"Michael would probably get upset"

Actually Col. Milquetoast I wouldn't be upset, I'm as much in the dark about the meaning of that monument to the hymn as everyone else.

You need to be an "artist" to appreciate that!

I am sorry I was a bit rude to M, but calling the Hungarian anthem blood-thirsty and saying the Hungarians never achieved anything notable got stuck my craw.

Hungary celebrated a 1000 years of nationhood in 1896!
Until the 1500s it was THE major power in Europe, the trouble is it is situated in the most vulnerable spot.

Any invading army coming to Europe either from the east or from the south has to cross it.

As usual, the euroweenies haven't changed in centuries, and left the heavy grunt to the Hungarians to bear. Be it the mongols, the tatars or the turks, Hungary copped the worst of it.

That's what the hymn is all about, asking God to please let it go, we had enough, almost like the jews saying, "please select an other chosen people".

It's a pity only the first verse is ever played, because the meaning is in the rest of the poem.

But never mind, carry on regardless!


Infidel Tiger said...

I'm with Michael. Everytime some foreign ignoramus ridicules the line "our land is girt by sea" I want to explode.

kae said...

Girtie Jihadist?

Col. Milquetoast said...

I'm with Michael. Everytime some foreign ignoramus ridicules the line "our land is girt by sea" I want to explode.

I understand.
It is truly unkind to say your land is grit by the sea, there are also rocks and plants and kangaroos and K-Marts and girls in bikinis by the sea too.

foreign ignoramus